HAB Auto Ten Commandments

HAB Auto Ten Commandments

We have a simple formula which seems to work for us...
We follow the:


1. We will ALWAYS charge you a fair price... we DO NOT inflate prices if/when we think we can "get away with it." Our labour rates are always posted and available to you.
2. We treat EVERYONE with respect; like we hope our own family members would be treated at another business.
3. If you are not "car savvy," that is not a problem. We are a FEMALE FRIENDLY, FAMILY FRIENDLY, and "NON GEAR-HEAD" FRIENDLY repair shop; we will ALWAYS take the time to explain things to you carefully, and in plain language.
4. You are always welcome to view any old parts we have replaced on your vehicle.
5. We will always give you an estimate before we start any work, and, we will always speak to you in advance if we need to perform additional services on your vehicle, which were not originally estimated.
6. We NEVER, NEVER, NEVER perform or recommend work that is not required for the safe and reliable operation of your vehicle.
7. All of our repairs carry a ONE YEAR warranty on the installation labour (please see our Terms of Sales, Service, and Warranty Terms page on this website for more details).
8. If you need a ride home after dropping off your vehicle, just ask. We are always happy to give you a lift anywhere within the City of Hamilton.
9. In certain cases, where you vehicle may be required to be with us for a while, we can assist you by getting you a great rate on the rental vehicle from DIME CARE RENTALS. Of course, this is a perk available only to our "HAB AUTO CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE!" Just kidding... ask us about a rental car.
10. We will ALWAYS attempt to offer you a "first class" level of service, in a "family" environment. We want you to be comfortable when you visit us. And remember: the coffee is always on, and, we have free wi-fi and loaner tablets available for your use while waiting.


CALL US NOW AT 905-549-7665.



November 21, 2016 Webmaster

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Customer Reviews

  • "Honest garage. Good quality work. "
    Anne Leeson
  • "These guys are amazing! My car broke down during a snowstorm. It was freezing and CAA couldn't get out to me for hours. I did a Google search for Hamilton Mechanic and found Hamilton Alignment and Brakes. Their shop wasn't very far from my location. I called Hamilton Alignment and Brakes and they were very helpful. They got my car towed in and repaired in just hours. They were quick to pick me up so I didn't wait in the cold. I am very grateful for their amazing service. The repair was fast and didn't cost that much. "
    Tina W
  • "Went in for an alignment. They told me they were running half an hour behind and I explained I couldn't wait past the time I was given so they had me in and out in no time. Service was great and the alignment seems to been done correctly 😊 I'll be sure to return for any future allignments "
    Holly Anne


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