Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance



Taking care of these critical service points now will prevent additional stress to the system!

Avoid being stranded by the roadside!


We will perform the following safety, mechanical, and, checks for you:

1. We will thoroughly inspect your cooling system and check your coolant level. 

2. We will perform an oil change on your vehicle, and, will replace your oil filter. 

3. We will inspect your tires, and, rotate them to ensure maximum life and wear. 

4. We will perform a complete inspection of your front and steering components, and, will "top up" your power steering fluid, if required. 

5. We will inspect all of your vehicle's belts and hoses for wear or deterioration.

6. We will inspect your braking system, and, ensure that the brake pads, rotors, calipers, and, disks on your vehicle are in good - and safe - working order, and, we will "top-up" your brake fluid, if needed. 

7. We will inspect your battery and electrical system to make sure they are performing to specifications. 

8. We will inspect all exterior lights to make sure they are working. 

9. We will "top up" your windshield washer fluid, and, ensure that your wipers are working as they should, and, that your wiper bladed are in good, serviceable condition.

10. We will inspect your air conditioning system to make sure it is working optimally. 





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Customer Reviews

  • " Having a forthright and honest mechanic to go to is a nice experience. If you have never tried it then go there. Tony was a referral from a friend when my son needed a safe car for work and a good price. Tony was amazing in finding and preparing one. Showed my son what to watch for. Now we go to him all the time. "
    Ruth L
  • "Honest, fair and diligent "
  • "This is a very good mechanic. I've been looking for a new mechanic and I was very impressed with their service and customer service. I know a bit about vehicles because of my uncle and found that the mechanics were very fair and honest. Tony explained exactly what the issues were in detail and offered reasonable pricing. Everyone was friendly, informative and good to work with. If you're looking for a friendly, reliable and honest mechanic, HAB AUTO is the place. Will will be definitely coming back. Thanks, guys! "
    Sandra J.


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